A Modern Guide to Mindfulness

14-session Course Meditation & Mindfulness
A Modern Guide to Mindfulness

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Meditate with movement, breath, sound, and energy
  • Cultivate compassion and gratitude
  • Transform stress and troubling emotions
  • Make mindfulness a lifestyle

About this course

Master the basics in this refreshing take on mindfulness. 

From Hollywood car chases to basketball legend Kobe Bryant, this introduction to mindfulness takes a new-school approach — drawing on examples from sports, music, and pop culture. Join meditation teacher Curtis Smith to bring this ancient wisdom (and its science-backed benefits) to modern life and build a successful practice from the ground up.

About the teacher

Curtis Smith

Curtis Smith

Motivational speaker and educator Curtis Smith has transformed thousands of lives by using music, movement, art and writing to activate the science-based benefits of mindfulness. Now the founder of Moment of Mindfulness, Smith has expanded his portfolio of clients to communities that benefit from culturally responsive mindfulness tools.
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14 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Get Ready to Glow
    1. Get Ready to Glow
    Settle your body into position and prepare your mind for meditation.
    9 mins
  3. The Power of Mindfulness
    2. The Power of Mindfulness
    Live in the present and develop healthy habits — they will determine your future.
    10 mins
  4. Big Fundamentals
    3. Big Fundamentals
    Create the foundation for a successful mindfulness practice.
    8 mins
  5. Move Into the Present
    4. Move Into the Present
    Connect your breath to movement, creating a deeper connection to the moment.
    11 mins
  6. Slow Down to Catch More
    5. Slow Down to Catch More
    Direction is more important than speed — drive slowly so you don't miss out on life.
    11 mins
  7. Sounds of Success
    6. Sounds of Success
    Sound is an amazing way to awaken awareness and anchor your attention.
    11 mins
  8. Transform Stress
    7. Transform Stress
    Turn stress into something that helps you perform better instead of bringing you down.
    7 mins
  9. Turn Your Attention Inward
    8. Turn Your Attention Inward
    Explore the sense of interoception, which is being able to feel what's going on in our bodies.
    10 mins
  10. Get in Touch with Emotions
    9. Get in Touch with Emotions
    Your feelings are subject to change — practice connecting and detaching from them.
    9 mins
  11. Become the Watcher
    10. Become the Watcher
    Learn how to observe your thoughts without letting them drive you crazy.
    8 mins
  12. Connect to High-Frequency Feelings
    11. Connect to High-Frequency Feelings
    Different emotions register at different frequencies — adjust your tune to change your life.
    9 mins
  13. Show Love
    12. Show Love
    Learn to cultivate love and compassion for yourself, friends, and strangers alike.
    10 mins
  14. Appreciate Ya
    13. Appreciate Ya
    Explore the power of gratitude and how to use it to enhance your mindfulness practice.
    9 mins
  15. Meditate Like a Champion
    14. Meditate Like a Champion
    Make mindfulness a lifestyle that you can take with you wherever you go.
    10 mins