Discover Joy in Challenging Times

11 Sessions Course Meditation & Mindfulness
Discover Joy in Challenging Times

In this course, you'll learn:

  • To see the silver linings within challenges.
  • To find a source of joy in any moment.

About this Course

Learn where to look for joy when life gets tough. Join mindfulness teacher Lisa Kring to learn time-tested, evidence-based ways to find happiness, self-compassion, and gratitude—even in life's most trying times.

About the Teacher

Lisa Kring

Lisa Kring

Lisa Kring draws from her experience as a licensed clinical social worker with a background in dispute resolution and family court mediation to practice and teach others about mindfulness. She believes self-compassion is a powerful tool to establish deep healing and growth.
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11 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Find Joy Here and Now
    1. Find Joy Here and Now
    Life is never all bad, and that's great news.
    9 min
  3. Access Joy Through Mindfulness
    2. Access Joy Through Mindfulness
    Whenever we are present and aware, joy can be found.
    9 min
  4. Let the Body Lead
    3. Let the Body Lead
    Get out of your head and into your body to feel the joy of the present moment.
    10 min
  5. The Joy of Touch
    4. The Joy of Touch
    As mammals, touch is foundational to our sense of safety and connection.
    11 min
  6. The Joy of Taste
    5. The Joy of Taste
    Eating can be a source of joy, especially when we slow down and savor our food.
    7 min
  7. The Joy of Gratitude
    6. The Joy of Gratitude
    Learn to balance the negativity bias in the brain so you can give some attention to what's good.
    13 min
  8. The Joy of Self-Compassion
    7. The Joy of Self-Compassion
    Become your own best friend and source of support.
    12 min
  9. The Joy of Silver Linings
    8. The Joy of Silver Linings
    Focus on how you can discover deep growth and meaning through challenges.
    10 min
  10. The Joy of Receiving
    9. The Joy of Receiving
    Use your breath to eliminate obstacles that keep you from receiving what is good.
    10 min
  11. The Joy of Giving
    10. The Joy of Giving
    Practice giving to others, discovering that this joyful flow is always available.
    11 min
  12. The Joy of Resting in Abundant Flow
    11. The Joy of Resting in Abundant Flow
    In this final meditation, remember that joy is abundant—and never far.
    18 min