Build Mental Fitness

7 Sessions Course Meditation & Mindfulness, Fitness, Learning & Wisdom
Build Mental Fitness

In this course, you'll learn:

  • High-performance habits that can help you shift your state on the spot, no matter how stressful a situation.
  • To read your body for signs of distress and what tools to use when you need support.

About this Course

Have you ever created a workout plan for your mind? This course teaches body-based mindfulness techniques that are easy to use almost anywhere so you can transition from frazzled to more focused and in flow.

About the Teacher

Cara Bradley

Cara Bradley

Performance coach Cara Bradley is known for her no-hype, cutting-edge body-brain tools that help people feel and perform their best. Bradley draws from her experience as a college athlete and professional figure skater to assist others in helping to regulate themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed in order to optimize performance and flow.
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7 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Busy Me and Best Me
    1. Busy Me and Best Me
    We’ve been conditioned to wear our busy on our sleeves, like a badge of honor, but it doesn't have to be this way.
    12 min
  3. Checking Your State
    2. Checking Your State
    Becoming fluent in the language of sensations offers key insight into what we need to do to feel our best.
    11 min
  4. Mastering Mini Wins
    3. Mastering Mini Wins
    If you don’t choose your state of mind and body, the world will do it for you.
  5. Moving Your Body
    4. Moving Your Body
    Synchronizing mind and body through rhythmic movement aligns your heart rate, brain waves, and nervous system.
    12 min
  6. Feeling the Rhythm
    5. Feeling the Rhythm
    Rhythm is all around you, and it has a way of relaxing the entire body and releasing the tensions we store.
    11 min
  7. There, There, Sweetheart
    6. There, There, Sweetheart
    Cultivate patience for yourself through a loving kindness practice.
    11 min
  8. Believing in Best Me
    7. Believing in Best Me
    Move beyond mental clutter to experience a sense of aliveness that is so natural and familiar, it feels like coming home.
    16 min