Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety

12 Sessions Course Meditation & Mindfulness
Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety

In this course, you'll learn:

  • Meditation practices to help you stay clear, calm, and centered.
  • Underlying causes of stress so you can address them and rewire your reactions to challenging circumstances and triggers.

About this Course

Live in a state of awareness by tuning into each moment so you can stay calm and grounded in the face of challenges. These meditations will help melt away stress and help you appreciate life's gifts, great and small.

About the Teacher

Vishvapani Blomfield

Vishvapani Blomfield

Vishvapani Blomfield believes that mindfulness isn’t just about sitting still and practicing meditation — it’s about bringing a deeper awareness into your whole life. As the director of Mindfulness in Action, Blomfield works towards enlightening individuals on the transformative power of practicing mindfulness in daily life.
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12 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Anchoring Breath Meditation
    1. Anchoring Breath Meditation
    Learn how to observe your thoughts and emotions without getting consumed by them.
    12 min
  3. Stay Curious
    2. Stay Curious
    Get to know your anxious thoughts and feelings rather than trying to resist them.
    17 min
  4. Connect with Your Body
    3. Connect with Your Body
    Shift your awareness to your senses to create space for changing your perspective.
    17 min
  5. Work Through Stress and Anxiety
    4. Work Through Stress and Anxiety
    Practice this breathing technique to access your body's natural ability to soothe itself.
    12 min
  6. Feel Safe
    5. Feel Safe
    Cultivate an inner sense of wellbeing to reduce stress and anxiety.
    17 min
  7. Letting Go of Negative Thoughts
    6. Letting Go of Negative Thoughts
    Let go of negative thoughts to access a gentler and kinder way of being.
    12 min
  8. What's Behind Your Thoughts
    7. What's Behind Your Thoughts
    Notice how your feelings relate to your thoughts so you can detach from those that cause stress and anxiety.
    19 min
  9. The Treasure of Pleasure
    8. The Treasure of Pleasure
    Learn to acknowledge and savor silver linings.
    14 min
  10. Planting the Seeds of Self-Compassion
    9. Planting the Seeds of Self-Compassion
    Experience how practicing self-love and appreciation can help to release negative thought patterns.
    17 min
  11. Look at the Bright Side
    10. Look at the Bright Side
    Use your imagination to connect with positive thoughts and feelings.
    14 min
  12. Connect with Others
    11. Connect with Others
    Learn how to experience interconnectedness and get out of your head and into the present moment.
    16 min
  13. Openness and Presence
    12. Openness and Presence
    Embody ease and absorb the teachings from this course.
    18 min