3-Day Meditation Challenge

3 Sessions Course Meditation & Mindfulness, Learning & Wisdom
3-Day Meditation Challenge

In this three-session course, you’ll:

  • Learn the basics of mindfulness to nurture a successful practice.
  • Use breath to slow down and live more in the moment.

About this Course

Want to learn a life-changing practice in just three days? Mindfulness coach Curtis Smith will teach you how to wrangle your attention, expand your awareness, and anchor your breath for a deep sense of calm—in under 10 minutes a day. 

About the Teacher

Curtis Smith

Curtis Smith

Motivational speaker and educator Curtis Smith has transformed thousands of lives by using music, movement, art and writing to activate the science-based benefits of mindfulness. Now the founder of Moment of Mindfulness, Smith has expanded his portfolio of clients to communities that benefit from culturally responsive mindfulness tools.
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3 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Day 1: Find Your Groove
    1. Day 1: Find Your Groove
    Finding a comfortable position to return to again and again is the first step in any successful meditation practice. Here, you'll learn how to find your groove—your personal safe space for practice.
    8 min
  3. Day 2: Open Your Awareness
    2. Day 2: Open Your Awareness
    Learning to tune into your breath, body, mind, and heart builds a strong foundation for becoming mindfully aware.
  4. Day 3: Drive Slow
    3. Day 3: Drive Slow
    Slow down and tune into your senses to experience life in high definition.
    11 min