Clear Your Mind with Kundalini

4 Sessions Course Meditation & Mindfulness, Yoga
Clear Your Mind with Kundalini

In this four-session course, you'll learn:

  • Breathwork and chanting to calm the mind and body.
  • Yoga postures and meditations to clear old energy and strengthen your intuition.

About this Course

It's hard to find answers with a busy, distracted mind. Join kundalini yoga teacher Kasandra Jewall to learn tools to settle your subconscious mind so you can thrive through the noise. 

About the Teacher

Kasandra Jewall

Kasandra Jewall

With over 30 years of advanced training in multiple styles of yoga, Kasandra Jewall provides individuals with an alternative to emotional and reactive states of being. Jewall also hopes to share the calm and centering she’s found through establishing a personal meditative practice.
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4 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Eradicate the Ego and Dualistic Thinking
    1. Eradicate the Ego and Dualistic Thinking
    Learn the basics of kundalini kriyas to help create a more neutral and balanced mind state.
    21 min
  3. Clear the Subconscious Mind
    2. Clear the Subconscious Mind
    Use kirtan kriya to pave the way for creating an open and meditative mind ready to hear your inner knowing.
    19 min
  4. Cultivate Awareness Through Compassion
    3. Cultivate Awareness Through Compassion
    Find forgiveness for yourself and others to go deeper into a state of centrality and balance.
    19 min
  5. Initiation to Intuition
    4. Initiation to Intuition
    Tap into the powers of intuition that already lie inside you with this powerful kriya practice.
    20 min