Unburden Your Life

8 Sessions Course Meditation & Mindfulness, Learning & Wisdom, Rituals & Ceremonies
Unburden Your Life

In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to let go of what's not serving you.
  • Healing practices to unburden all areas of your life.

About this Course

Learn the elusive art of letting go with special practices you can return to again and again. In this course, you'll explore releasing what you've been holding onto consciously and unconsciously so you can get closer to true, unburdened happiness.

This course references the sacred ceremony of ho'oponopono, which is part of a rich cultural tradition of the Indigenous people living on the islands of Hawaii. The teachings shared here are presented as a practical tool to promote feelings of peace, and Roundglass would like to recognize that this humble interpretation is but one small piece of a much deeper tradition.

About the Teacher

Nithya Shanti

Nithya Shanti

Spiritual teacher Nithya Shanti is passionate about helping others realize the joy that exists within. As a host of Roundglass’ weekly podcast “The Stories We Tell,” and through his work at the Nithya Shanti Foundation, Shanti works to address contemporary issues through spiritual teachings of mindfulness and compassion.
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8 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Why Unburden?
    1. Why Unburden?
    It's important to unburden our thoughts, feelings, and emotions to maintain the flow of energy in our bodies that helps us feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and able to release emotions that don't serve us.
  3. Tapping
    2. Tapping
    Learn how to practice tapping to free yourself from stuck negative emotions and energy.
    12 min
  4. Clearing
    3. Clearing
    Learn an ancient Hawaiian healing practice that teaches us to accept responsibility for everything in life.
    8 min
  5. Release
    4. Release
    A guided visualization to process emotional baggage.
    10 min
  6. Unburdening for Success
    5. Unburdening for Success
    Define your idea of success, and identify obstacles in your way.
    15 min
  7. Unburdening for Relationships
    6. Unburdening for Relationships
    Learn to honor yourself and others in relationships.
    13 min
  8. Unburdening for Peace
    7. Unburdening for Peace
    Release thoughts and energy that are barriers to peace, and focus on what inspires and uplifts you.
    13 min
  9. Daily Unburdening
    8. Daily Unburdening
    Learn how to apply the art of unburdening to your daily life by practicing the teachings in this course.
    14 min