A New Take on Conscious Living

20 Sessions Course Meditation & Mindfulness, Learning & Wisdom
A New Take on Conscious Living

In this course, you'll:

  • Learn how to inhabit the full spectrum of your consciousness.
  • Explore your mind with curiosity and a sense of adventure.

About this Course

Learn to see the raw material of your days—the challenges, the obstacles, the confusion—as the mud from which a lotus can bloom. In this mind-opening course, Nithya Shanti invites you to playfully and joyfully connect with yourself as you expand your awareness. Through storytelling and meditative practices, you'll explore themes such as gratitude, limitations, and love, igniting within you a sense of wonder and curiosity and offering up a whole new lease on life.

About the Teacher

Nithya Shanti

Nithya Shanti

Spiritual teacher Nithya Shanti is passionate about helping others realize the joy that exists within. As a host of Roundglass’ weekly podcast “The Stories We Tell,” and through his work at the Nithya Shanti Foundation, Shanti works to address contemporary issues through spiritual teachings of mindfulness and compassion.
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20 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Everything Is Teaching Us
    1. Everything Is Teaching Us
    How do you start to learn from everyone and everything in your life?
    15 min
  3. The Tree of Life
    2. The Tree of Life
    Experience oneness with all that is by tapping into the truth of your authentic nature.
    14 min
  4. Gears of Awareness
    3. Gears of Awareness
    Break through expectations and misunderstandings about what meditation should be.
    18 min
  5. Glow of Gratitude
    4. Glow of Gratitude
    The key to being more present is seeing each moment as a present.
    16 min
  6. The Energy of Blessings
    5. The Energy of Blessings
    What if you saw everything in your life—good, bad, and in between—as a blessing?
    14 min
  7. The Heart of Love
    6. The Heart of Love
    The heart of the problem is a problem of the heart.
    19 min
  8. The Boundless States
    7. The Boundless States
    Experience the four highest states of emotional wellbeing according to Buddhism.
    20 min
  9. Witnessing the Witness
    8. Witnessing the Witness
    When we are witnessing the witness, we stop looking in all the wrong places for what we never lost to begin with.
    15 min
  10. Effort and Effortlessness
    9. Effort and Effortlessness
    It takes infinite effort and preparation to be who you're not—but it takes no effort or preparation to be who you really are.
    13 min
  11. The Ground of Being
    10. The Ground of Being
    Rest in the inner knowing that it doesn’t take effort to allow yourself to be present and aware.
    15 min
  12. Sowing Seeds in the Field of Infinite Possibility
    11. Sowing Seeds in the Field of Infinite Possibility
    Instead of clinging tightly to only one or two expectations in life, what if we put many intentions out there?
    18 min
  13. The Dance of Creation
    12. The Dance of Creation
    You can't separate a dancer and a dance; consciousness and creation may appear like two, but they are one essence.
    17 min
  14. Unshackling Limitations
    13. Unshackling Limitations
    There are six ways in which we limit ourselves. Challenging these assumptions can expand our minds.
    16 min
  15. Unexpected Bliss
    14. Unexpected Bliss
    Bliss is not what you expect. Any experience experienced fully is a gateway to freedom, liberation, and even bliss.
    18 min
  16. No Place to Stand
    15. No Place to Stand
    It's nice to have a center to return to—and the wisdom to know when to release that center.
    13 min
  17. Surrender and Welcoming
    16. Surrender and Welcoming
    There's a big difference between giving up and letting go.
    19 min
  18. The Juice of Connection
    17. The Juice of Connection
    The more we reveal about ourselves, the more we create a space where others can join us in being present.
    13 min
  19. Being a Healing Presence
    18. Being a Healing Presence
    When you interact with others, are you adding to their baggage or lightening their load?
    14 min
  20. The Art of Unburdening
    19. The Art of Unburdening
    By welcoming everything that comes our way without resistance, we can make our lives richer.
    14 min
  21. Amor Fati
    20. Amor Fati
    Through accepting yourself just as you are, you can optimize your personal settings.
    17 min