Compassionate Leadership

7 Sessions Course Meditation & Mindfulness
Compassionate Leadership

In this course, you'll:

  • Learn to listen and lead from the heart.
  • Cultivate deeper emotional intelligence and compassionate communication skills.

About this Course

To be a great leader, emotional awareness is key. Join emotional leadership coach Gayle Van Gils to cultivate compassion, curiosity, and mindfulness techniques that will upgrade your leadership skills at work and at home. 

About the Teacher

Gayle Van Gils

Gayle Van Gils

Gayle Van Gils first practiced meditation during her time in college, and it informed her career in the human side of business following her MBA studies. As an author, leadership consultant, and life coach, Van Gils opens hearts and minds to unlock meaning and success in life and business.
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7 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Who Needs Emotional Intelligence?
    1. Who Needs Emotional Intelligence?
    Begin to develop awareness through this practical meditation for cultivating emotional intelligence.
    9 min
  3. The State of our Lives and Minds
    2. The State of our Lives and Minds
    Take a closer look at how you perceive and process stress and feeling overwhelmed to improve your communication skills.
    9 min
  4. So What Is Emotional Intelligence?
    3. So What Is Emotional Intelligence?
    To care for the emotions of others, you must first be in tune with your own.
    12 min
  5. The Messages in Emotions
    4. The Messages in Emotions
    Emotions can be wonderful messages—only if we know how to read them. Learn to listen to your body so you can deepen your own intuition.
    12 min
  6. I Know How You Feel
    5. I Know How You Feel
    Learn to not take on the stress and emotions of others.
    12 min
  7. Cultivate Curiosity
    6. Cultivate Curiosity
    Open your mind and get curious so you can inspire imagination, empathy, and engagement.
    8 min
  8. Facing the Hard Stuff
    7. Facing the Hard Stuff
    Use visualization to approach difficult conversations with a fresh perspective, so you may create a work environment where all partners feel safe and understood.
    9 min