Yoga for Balancing Emotions

7 Sessions Course Yoga
Yoga for Balancing Emotions

About this Course

Negative emotions are a natural part of life, but it's easier to live with them when you know how to keep your mind and body in balance. In this 7-session course, yoga teacher Shani Dayal teaches yoga sequences that restore a positive flow of energy to the body — helping negative emotions pass while boosting mood and confidence. 

About the Teacher

Shani Dayal

Shani Dayal

Shani Dayal is passionate about teaching others the importance of mobility, body conditioning and joint health in her yoga practice. She gives special importance to body and mind relaxation, destressing the nervous system and using the tools of pranayama and meditation for overall mental and physical wellbeing.
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7 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Release Stress
    1. Release Stress
    Use breath and body work to manage stress, let go of tension, and create a calming space for emotions to settle.
    20 min
  3. Find Focus When You Feel Off-Center
    2. Find Focus When You Feel Off-Center
    Practice drishti (a steady gaze or focal point) to stabilize the body and calm the mind.
    18 min
  4. Let Go of Emotional Overload
    3. Let Go of Emotional Overload
    Release what's no longer serving you.
    16 min
  5. Believe In Yourself
    4. Believe In Yourself
    Practice powerful affirmations to stop self-doubt in its tracks so you feel steady and confident.
    18 min
  6. Detox Negativity
    5. Detox Negativity
    These poses will help cleanse negative energy from your body and mind.
    19 min
  7. Move Through Sadness
    6. Move Through Sadness
    Learn to identify, accept, and process grief and sadness through the healing practice of yoga.
    21 min
  8. Open Your Heart
    7. Open Your Heart
    Use meditation and asana to activate love and inner joy that will radiate to everyone around you.
    17 min