Total Body Tension Melt

15 Sessions Course Yoga
Total Body Tension Melt

About this Course

Let "Feel Good" therapist Sunaina Rekhi help soothe your body from head to toe. In this 15-session course, you'll learn yoga, breathwork, and other exercises to reduce cortisol (less stress!) and release tension and negative emotions from your body. The results? A healthier, happier you.

*This course uses Kapalbhati breath (pranayama), a cleansing and invigorating rapid-breathing technique. Consult your doctor before practicing if you have high or low blood pressure, are pregnant, experience dizziness, or have problems with your eyes, ears, nose, head, lungs, or heart. To practice: Sit in a comfortable position with a long spine. Inhale to about 3/4 capacity, allowing your belly and your lungs to expand. Contract (pump) the low belly sharply, exhaling forcefully through the nose. Inhale passively as the abdomen relaxes. Repeat the rapid exhales and passive inhales several times until the sensation becomes familiar. Increase the tempo when you are able to maintain the rhythm.

About the Teacher

Sunaina Rekhi

Sunaina Rekhi

Sunaina Rekhi is passionate about helping people move trauma and trapped emotions through their body to heal stress. She has over 10 years of experience studying and teaching yoga, and is an advocate for sustained wholstic wellness regardless of age or ability.
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15 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Just Breathe
    1. Just Breathe
    A pranayama practice to relax the body and invite calm.
    19 min
  3. Fresh Eyes
    2. Fresh Eyes
    A simple exercise to rejuvenate tired eyes.
    13 min
  4. Relax Your Jaw
    3. Relax Your Jaw
    Learn to release tension in your jaw, relieving everything from headaches and tight shoulders to poor sleep patterns.
    15 min
  5. No More Pain in the Neck
    4. No More Pain in the Neck
    Ward off stress and anxiety before it hits by relaxing your neck through this series of gentle movements.
    10 min
  6. Brush Your Shoulders Off
    5. Brush Your Shoulders Off
    Shake off any weight you're carrying with shoulder-opening postures and stretches.
    13 min
  7. Matters of the Heart
    6. Matters of the Heart
    Use yoga to open your heart — inviting in love and authenticity.
    15 min
  8. Off Your Back
    7. Off Your Back
    Release tension in the upper back through targeted breathwork.
    17 min
  9. Got Your Back
    8. Got Your Back
    Learn to loosen the lower back and cultivate feeling more support.
    16 min
  10. Belly Basics
    9. Belly Basics
    Ninety-five percent of feel-good hormone serotonin lives in the gut — these practices will keep yours happy.
    22 min
  11. Hips Don’t Lie
    10. Hips Don’t Lie
    We store tension and negative emotions in our hips — these exercises will help release it.
    16 min
  12. The World on a (Ham)string
    11. The World on a (Ham)string
    13 min
  13. Your Groin, Your Power Station
    12. Your Groin, Your Power Station
    Ground down and center your body with movements that work your adductors, hip flexors, and pelvic floor.
    13 min
  14. Weak in the Knees?
    13. Weak in the Knees?
    Try these exercises to increase flexibility — giving in to surrender and releasing any burdens you may be carrying.
    15 min
  15. Your Better Calf
    14. Your Better Calf
    Calf muscles pump blood to the heart, eliminating toxins along the way. These exercises will help keep yours strong.
    13 min
  16. Happy Feet
    15. Happy Feet
    Show love to your powerful foundations with gentle movements and self-massage.
    13 min