Hit Refresh: Learn to Tackle Your Creative Blocks

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Use your ingenuity to empower yourself and find new ways to recharge your creative self.
Hit Refresh: Learn to Tackle Your Creative Blocks

Whenever my computer starts to slow down, it’s a reminder that it requires defragging, resetting, or that it needs to have its memory wiped out so it can function faster. Similarly, when I have been working for weeks at a time, capturing, analyzing, and processing information toward a specific goal or a deadline, my brain starts to feel as though it’s getting bogged down. The worst is when I hit a block at a time when I must generate new ideas. This is when I know I need to restart.

We live in times where there’s a high emphasis on productivity. How can we generate new ideas and inspiration when we are constantly working? The answer lies within the question: “Constantly working” is not such a good thing for human beings. We need to slow down, readjust our thinking, and “refresh.”

In a recent episode of "Living with Sunny" podcast, author and burnout expert Allan Ting shared his tips on how to help our minds recharge. He said, “The moment we get to clear our mind, that is when we have more space for creativity and the goals we want to meet. The moment we clear out our mind.”

So, what is your best option to recharge, recenter yourself, and clear out creative blocks?

Every individual can understand what helps bring harmony to their inner self, given the time to reflect, and make considered choices. Some of the preferred options are to meditate, go on a retreat, escape on a cruise, or spend a couple of weeks being pampered at a resort. Spending time outdoors while camping with your family or participating in team sports can also be a great energy boost.

Just like everything to do with wholistic wellbeing, there is no one solution. We all have individual needs, and it is important to address what works best for you.

I have found that the following techniques help me recharge and develop new ideas: 

Changing my environment: I do this by visiting a completely new place every once in a while. It could be a drive and a walk in a town 5 miles away or a holiday in another state or country. 

Observing nature: I like to observe things around me. The stillness of nature can help you find the calm centre within you. If you can’t make time to go outdoors, you can immerse yourself in photos, sounds, and videos of nature, too.

Being curious about others: I like to know more about the people around me. It’s especially fun with children; I believe in practicing mindful parenting as it helps you see the world from their point of view. At the other end of the spectrum, spending time with the older generation helps too; the elders have many stories to tell from lives well-lived and the challenges they’ve endured. This helps put my life in perspective and teaches me to be grateful.

Dream even on a busy day: Even if my to-do list remains long, I like to give my brain a break. I use visualization to help my brain linger in a new sea of thoughts. This sparks my creativity and helps me find new ideas and solutions. 

This is how I tackle the chains that bind my daily patterns of action and thought. You can find your own path to finding inspiration and recharging your senses. You could try guided meditations, sound therapy, or cook a healthy meal for your family. Give yourself the chance to be the best creative you.

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