Fun Ways to Stay Active at Home

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Don’t let remote working ruin your employees’ physical wellbeing. By introducing walking meetings, virtual yoga sessions and encouraging a balanced diet, you can push them to stay active at home.
Fun Ways to Stay Active at Home

“I lose a lot of time commuting to and from work.”

“I don’t like working out at the gym.”

“I have too much work on my plate to schedule a workout.”

In a pre-pandemic world, these were reasons to postpone workout plans and ignore our physical wellbeing. Traveling and office schedules barely left us with any time or energy to squeeze in a quick workout. However, most employees working remotely are trying to learn how to stay active at home during COVID.

Some of them may have created a mini-gym at home with relevant equipment but for many, conventional workout sessions don’t hold any charm. Since immunity and fitness are our best shot at escaping the pandemic unscathed, it is essential to spread awareness on how can you still maintain a physically fit body while staying inside your home.

Here are six fun ways to stay active at home for you and your employees:

Walk and talk

Figuring out how to stay active during quarantine is tough but not impossible. Given the alarming number of hours we spend on calls, why not use this time to boost our physical wellbeing? Organize walking meetings where everyone walks around their house, building or a park while talking. It’s the easiest and quickest way to stay fit while working from home. This method will work even better when encouraged by top management. It doesn’t require any elaborate planning and is hard to procrastinate because your employees won’t skip meetings!

Play with your kids or pets

For employees with kids, there is no better way to stay fit while working from home than having fun with them. Have impromptu dance sessions or do push-ups on their favorite songs (or rhymes). Not only does it keep you fit, but also keeps your kids happy and engaged. A round of Treasure Hunt or Hide and Seek are some of the fun ways to stay active at home. Those with pets can take their furry friend on a daily evening walk or take a leisurely trip to the park to play. This will let your employees learn how to be physically active while having fun.

Offer virtual yoga sessions

Several employees find it easier to start a workout routine than stick with it. Lack of motivation can lead to employees leaving their fitness resolutions midway. Many apps and organizations offer virtual yoga sessions that have become popular over the last year as they allow people to stay fit while working from home. However, when supported by a group of like-minded individuals, these sessions can have a high participation rate. Team building exercises are important this is a great way to do so. Instead of merely telling your employees how to stay active at home during quarantine, join them for a virtual yoga session.

Exercise on the go

Working from home has posed some unique challenges as employees try to multitask and maintain a work-life balance. This may leave them looking for quick ways on how to stay physically active without compromising on work or household chores. The trick lies in improvising. When waiting for the tea to brew or vegetables to cook, one can do simple exercises to stay fit while working from home. Place your hands on the kitchen counter and move your feet back to do push-ups while standing. This is also a great time to do neck and shoulder exercises to fix posture along with eye exercises to prevent screen fatigue. However, be careful, lest you burn the food!

Guided meditation sessions

When looking for ideas on how to be physically active, mental wellbeing should not be ignored. A healthy body is the manifestation of a healthy mind. Hence, to stay fit while working from home, it’s essential to stay mentally strong. Encourage your employees to start or end their day with a guided meditation session. In fact, you can also turn it into a team-building exercise. It de-clutters the mind and keeps workplace stress and anxiety at bay, so they don’t feel overwhelmed by work. One session at the end of the day can also create an environment for a night of deep and peaceful sleep.

Have a balanced diet

How can you still be physically fit while staying at home? The temptations are endless. There’s nobody to stop you from sleeping in till late, exercising irregularly, or having that snack staring at you from the shelves. While there’s no harm in giving in to your cravings occasionally, it shouldn’t become a habit. Replace fried snacks with fruits, salads, nuts, and berries to keep hunger at bay. Encourage your employees to include different sources of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other nutrients in your meals. A balanced diet is key to stay fit while working from home.

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