Vibrational States & Life Decisions

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It's from high vibrational state that clarity, opportunity, synchronicities and joy enter your life.
Vibrational States & Life Decisions

I still remember the day my entire life changed from a state of stress, unfulfillment, and lack of control to one of joy, flow, and meaning.

During my two years working as an attorney at one of the top law firms in the world, I was living at a baseline emotional state of stress and feeling unfulfilled. I knew I needed to make a career change, but the more pressure I put on myself to figure out what was next, the more I felt stuck, uncertain, and disconnected.

One day during meditation, my intuition shared a message that completely changed my life: "Follow what makes your soul feel good, and it will lead you to your truth."

I had no idea what that meant at the time, but a deep internal knowing nudged me to follow this guidance. I started to set boundaries at work and prioritize activities and experiences that brought me joy, such as yoga, spending time in nature, writing, and dancing. The more I prioritized joy, the better I started to feel. And the better I felt, the more clarity I had about what I wanted to do with my career.

This joy led me to deepen my meditation and yoga practice, become a certified holistic health coach, surround myself with incredibly supportive friendships and communities, and learn the pillars of living a high-vibration and aligned life.

I now realize that the intuitive voice I heard during meditation was saying: "Raise your vibration, and the answers will reveal." I am deeply grateful to share this knowledge with my clients.

Make Big-Life Decisions From a High Vibrational State

When you try make big life decisions from a low vibrational state, you attract experiences and outcomes into your life that match the vibrational frequency you're operating in. For example, have you ever woken up on the "wrong side of the bed" and just felt like you couldn't catch a break that day? Maybe you missed the subway, got into an argument with your partner, or lost a client. The low vibration you felt in the morning affected every aspect of your day.

Conversely, think about the feeling of falling in love. Your body feels expansive, and you radiate love! It doesn't matter if you miss the subway or receive a cranky email from your boss — your mindset and perspective of the world are experienced through the high-vibration filter of love, joy, and gratitude. Nothing can bring you down.

When you make decisions from a high vibrational state, you energetically attract opportunities, experiences, ideas, and solutions into your life that match the high frequency you're operating in. You approach decisions from a place of openness and possibility rather than a constricted state of limitation, fear, and worry.

It's from this high vibrational state that clarity, opportunity, synchronicities and joy enter your life.

What Are Energetic Vibrations? 

Everything in the entire universe, including your thoughts, emotions, and overall state of being, is made up of energy. All energy vibrates at a specific frequency, and while you can't see this energy, it can certainly be felt.

For example, energetic vibrations are the tension you feel when you're in a room with an angry person or that contagious burst of energy when you're near someone excited, joyful, and bright. It's the aura you pick up when someone walks into a room or when you read their content on social media. Whether you're aware of it or not, we're constantly emitting and receiving energetic vibrations all around us.

Low vs. High Vibrational Emotions

Low-vibrating emotions are fear, stress, guilt, shame, judgment, or overwhelm. These are dense emotions that create a feeling of contraction and heaviness in your body and mind.

High-vibrating emotions include love, gratitude, joy, and peace. They create sensations of expansiveness and openness.

In his book Power vs. Force, spiritual teacher, psychiatrist, physician, and researcher David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D. illustrates the vibrational frequency of emotions. He begins with the low frequency of shame and guilt, moving along to pride and courage, and ending at the high frequency of peace and enlightenment.

What emotions are you feeling right now, and where do they fall on Dr. Hawkins' scale?

Benefits of High Vibrational Energies

High vibrational energies create a sense of vitality and wellbeing in your body and mind. You experience more flow and ease, and life stops feeling like an uphill battle. When you're in a high vibrational state, you have gratitude for all your experiences. You start to view problems as growth opportunities, and you recognize that you have the power to say no to anything that might lower your vibration.

Ultimately, high vibrational energies create a life of joy, love, clarity, abundance, and gratitude. Who wouldn't want that?

Four Quick Tips to Raise Your Vibrational State

1. Practice Gratitude

One of the quickest ways to raise your vibration is to practice gratitude. Science has shown that appreciation significantly decreases stress and anxiety. So when you're feeling low, ask yourself, "What are three things I'm grateful for and why?"

Allow yourself to visualize the things you're grateful for and the positive ways they make you feel. When you tap into your gratitude and show appreciation for all the beauty, experiences, and relationships in your life, you will naturally raise your vibration.

2. Get in Nature

Nature has a high vibration and is a great way to mentally, physically, spiritually center and realign. A quick way to connect with nature is through earthing — walking around barefoot outside.

Earthing transfers the earth's electrons into your body and can improve sleep; help with stress, pain, and inflammation; and neutralize free radicals (i.e., unstable atoms that can cause cell damage, illness, and aging). It can be a powerful way to simultaneously connect with nature and raise your vibration.

3. Give Love to Others

When we're in a low vibrational state, we often become fixated on the stressful or fearful stories we're playing in our minds. When you notice yourself stuck in this low-vibe state, call up a friend or family member and provide support. Listen to them attentively and provide space for their healing. Tell them you love them and don't make the conversation about you. When we give love, we receive love (and raise our vibration along the way).

4. Eat High-Vibration Foods

Everything is energy, including your food. Have you noticed how your body (and mind) can feel heavy or sluggish after eating processed meals? Processed foods are low vibration and require extra energy to digest. Conversely, whole foods like berries and leafy greens vibrate at a high frequency and leave you feeling light, energized, and refreshed.

Eating high-vibration foods may positively impact your ability to make decisions from a high-vibrational state. Try this class Eating with Awareness by teacher Vishvapani Blomfield to experience how mindfulness may enhance your relationship with food. 

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