How to Cook in Color

5-session Course Healthy Eating
How to Cook in Color

About this course

Using color as an ingredient, Eeshaan Kashyap brings greater mindfulness to cooking. A visually appealing rainbow on your plate whets the appetite and stimulates digestion. The more colors you eat, the more micronutrients you’re getting in your diet. From conceptualizing a meal to garnish and plating, learn simple ways to incorporate color into every bite of a more satisfying meal.

About the teacher

Eeshaan Kashyap

Eeshaan Kashyap

Eeshaan Kashyap is a Delhi-based chef and food stylist who works at the intersection of food and art though curating culinary events. He is the artist-designer behind Tablescape, an online tableware store.
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5 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Spiced Roasted Papaya
    1. Spiced Roasted Papaya
    Harness the digestive benefits of orange papaya.
    5 mins
  3. Multigrain Beet Roti
    2. Multigrain Beet Roti
    Beet adds fiber and micronutrients to rotis.
    5 mins
  4. Poha-Crusted Green Cutlet
    3. Poha-Crusted Green Cutlet
    Turn leftover veggies into anytime snacks.
    7 mins
  5. Purple Cabbage & Cauliflower Soup
    4. Purple Cabbage & Cauliflower Soup
    A purple vegan soup with cruciferous goodness.
    7 mins
  6. Aparajita Nice Cream with Lychee & Tulsi
    5. Aparajita Nice Cream with Lychee & Tulsi
    Banana nice cream with a natural pop of blue.
    5 mins