Meals That Heal

The Experiment (2022)
Meals That Heal

James Beard Award-winning nutritionist Carolyn Williams’s cookbook explains how inflammation can affect our body and mind. The effects of chronic inflammation  include brain fog, exhaustion, gut issues like acid reflux, and compromised immunity. At the onset, Williams explains that it helps to step back from conventional diagnostic practice of Western medicine’s treatment of symptoms and try a holistic approach to seek the fundamental cause of disease. She cautions that it’s impossible to evade inflammation today in some form or the other with high levels of processed foods, chemicals, toxins in water and soil, and everyday pollutants. The goal of her 100 recipes is to help readers add more plant-based food like cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, berries, seeds, and nuts to daily meals. Ease and convenience are the primary goals to tackle these wholesome one-pot meals using options like a sheet pan, the stovetop, and an air fryer. Heal your health with food, with Williams’s help, one recipe at a time.

The Benefits

Read this book to learn:

  • The causes and impact of chronic inflammation on our body and mind
  • How to add anti-inflammatory foods to our diets
  • 100 easy recipes with weekly menus and easy hacks