Indian Pickles for Wellbeing

5 Sessions Course Healthy Eating
Indian Pickles for Wellbeing

About this Course

Join chef, author, and speaker Sadaf Hussain on a flavorful journey exploring Indian pickles. Fermentation adds extra nutrition, reduces food waste, and opens your palate to a wide range of exciting flavors. Mangos, potatoes, limes, and yogurt are just some of ingredients you'll be turning into sweet, sour, spicy — and soothing — pickles.

About the Teacher

Sadaf Hussain

Sadaf Hussain

Sadaf Hussain is a food columnist, cookbook author, and chef who has been a MasterChef India finalist and a TedX speaker. As a travel enthusiast he loves to explore the intersection between cooking, culture, and food lore.
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5 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Potato Pickle
    1. Potato Pickle
    Ready in a jiffy and rich in resistant starch.
    6 min
  3. Homestyle Mango Pickle
    2. Homestyle Mango Pickle
    Preserve the numerous benefits of green mangoes.
    8 min
  4. Mango Ginger & Date Chhundo
    3. Mango Ginger & Date Chhundo
    Turmeric relative mango ginger in a delish relish.
    6 min
  5. Nimbu Nimki
    4. Nimbu Nimki
    Pickle limes to preserve and enhance antioxidants.
    6 min
  6. Curd Brine Pickle
    5. Curd Brine Pickle
    A yogurt brine makes an extra-probiotic pickle.
    6 min