Yoga for Positive Energy

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What we put out into the world, we receive back from it, so it’s important to consciously work to keep negativity at bay.
Yoga for Positive Energy

Negativity is all around us – in the news, on the television, and even in powerful music like sad love songs. It’s pretty powerful that even love is not always offered as a beautiful opportunity.

Low consciousness is that which makes you think out of ego about yourself — the me, the I, my opinions, my thoughts, etc. This obsession with the self stems from fear and a need for approval, both of which are subject to, and dependent on, the world at large. From this place, we begin to invite even more negativity into our lives, creating a cycle. What we put out into the world, we receive back from it, so it’s important to be aware of negative energies and consciously work to keep them at bay.

How to Build Positive Energy

We are constantly in motion from the influences around us, and we attract those thoughts that are in our consciousness. When we are truly joyful, nothing matters. When we are in a bad mood, a happy person will not help. When our energy is feeling down, our minds cannot process joy.

The world is a strong magnet; we must work to cultivate an energy level that is constantly rising. This strong energy is like a magnetic field around us acting as an invisible shield.

Practice Drishti—Divine Focus

Our environments bombard us with negativity and low consciousness. Just as our thoughts affect others, their thoughts are constantly affecting us. What is the solution? Drishti. Yoga teaches us that drishti (focused gaze) is a powerful means for developing concentrated attention. Keep your attention focused on your third eye, also known as the spiritual eye. When the third eye is open, then we are open to the possibilities of greater understanding and emotions. This is most important when you are in a negative environment. 

You can help protect yourself energetically by keeping your attention focused at your spiritual eye, in the center of your forehead. This will cultivate intention and awareness. Breathe deeply, and focus. By concentrating on your spiritual eye, your energetic field will be less affected by negativity. Your magnetism and ability to attract positivity will be more powerful than any unpleasant energy coming your way. This focus makes it easier for us not to be influenced by that which doesn’t serve us.

Through this practice, you may begin to feel energy flowing up and down your body, mirroring your consciousness. When energy moves up our spine, we create joy. 

Mantras For Positive Energy

We can also use mantra to create powerful positive energy. Om-Tat-Sat is a Sanskrit mantra found in the ancient Hindu text the Bhagavad Gita. Each of the three sounds is a symbolic representation of the divine. Chanting this mantra is thought to awaken higher consciousness and foster positivity.

You can use this mantra before entering a place or situation you think will negatively affect you: a toxic workplace or some other encounter that has you feeling nervous. Build up your positive energy and visualize a protective field around you as you chant. This practice does not require intense concentration – it can be done while casually walking or sitting. Do it when you are stressed or feeling pressure and it will help to cultivate good energy around you.

My teacher taught me to add a physical movement to this mantra to amplify its effect. To do this, use your hands and swing your arms around your body as if drawing a circle, touching your palms together in front of your chest, clapping, and then swinging them back behind you. While swinging your arms back and forth, chant Om-Tat-Sat. Repeat this several times, swinging your arms and visualizing a field of positive magnetism around you blocking all negativity.

It’s amazing how many simple solutions there are to seemingly large problems in life. The trick is that we have to do them daily — even several times a day when possible. Only then can we neutralize and overpower the negative influences we encounter. 

These tools for protecting ourselves are just a few of many. Through meditation, awareness, and other rituals, we can cultivate positive energy in our lives.

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