The Last Goodbye: Leave a Legacy of Love

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Death is a difficult reality we all must face one day. But when you think about it with intention, you can find joy to bequest to the next generation.
The Last Goodbye: Leave a Legacy of Love

If you’re anything like me, you have spent much of your life working to achieve personal and financial goals as well as doing your bit to make the world a better place. Apart from chasing my dream of becoming an entrepreneur with Edifecs, I’ve dedicated my pursuit of passion — Roundglass — to the mission of bringing wellbeing to people across the world.

If you’re fortunate, you have also lived your life in balance and made time for your loved ones — dining together, traveling together, exploring the world, and making plans for future. 

I have, indeed, been fortunate to have those near and dear to me in my emotional orbit. I live in gratitude and have tried to pass on my learnings and wisdom to my children. I am at a point in life where I think about my legacy in all its forms, ranging from intellectual to psychological to financial and social. I am compelled to pass it forward. 

Not everyone lives by the same rules and timelines, of course. We have so much in common as humans, but our individual growth and life patterns inform at which point — and if at all — we feel the urge to leave a legacy. But it’s a sacred mission we all must pursue as far as possible.

In the eventuality of you not being around, what is the emotional safety net that you intend to provide for your kin. What legacy — of pride, love, a life well lived — do you intend to leave for those who come after you?

Encourage open communication

Be open about your feelings with your children, spouse, and relatives. Let them know that all emotions are welcome in your household — this will send the message that it is okay to feel sad just as it is okay to feel happy. This can also help them cope with the loss of your absence, whenever it arrives. Encouraging expression of feelings both good and bad over time will make your loved ones feel it’s fine to reach out for help, talk about their emotions when the time to grieve is upon them.

There is no one way to grieve — just as not everyone gets time to say goodbye to their beloved. It may go against your heart’s desire to get closure but it’s important that you find it. At Roundglass End of Life, you can find help to devise a mindful way to say goodbye through a grief coach — a service that makes it easy for hospices, tissue donation processing organizations, funeral homes, employers, and others to deliver personalized ongoing grief support your family.

Get the paperwork in order

We all think we have enough time when it comes to the writing of a will. The best advice I can give you is to do it sooner than later. It’s important to put your thoughts and wishes down on paper and get done with the legal business of crafting your future legacy. 

It is natural to have unsettling feelings about writing a will. But it is necessary to think ahead and create a checklist: Who will take care of your kids? Who will take care of your pets? How will you distribute your assets? The answers to these questions are important to ensure your family is treated with respect and your dependents are not left wanting due to any legal negligence in your absence. At Roundglass EOL, you will also find assistance on how to write and whom to consult when you chart your will.

Love always lasts

More than empowering your family during their most challenging times, to provide guidance and care for the future, it is necessary that we make time in our daily lives to cherish our families. Learn how to be more present: Be a mindful parent, be appreciative of your friends and colleagues, and, most importantly, be grateful for all that you have achieved. Also learn to let go of friction or grudges you may have had with others.

Death is the ultimate reality of life for every living being, but when we think about it with intention and look back on the life we’ve lived with love and gratitude, we pass on the same to our next generation through a legacy of love.

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