Magnetism: The Key to Success and Wellbeing

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When our willpower is bound heavily by habit, it ceases to draw upon inspiration. Here's how to change that.
Magnetism: The Key to Success and Wellbeing

Magnetism is at the heart of all exchanges in creation. We now know that all matter is energy and that a magnetic field encompasses all things in creation.

The earth has a magnetic field. In Illinois, a series of experiments conducted at Northwestern University revealed that the earth's magnetic polarity influences snails movements. Research further suggested snails can shift their normal movement patterns if bar magnets of similar magnetic strength are buried in the ground and pointed away from the North Pole.

Some people have also long believed the moon's phases can emotionally affect us.

Swami Kriyananda, otherwise known as the father of the intentional communities movement, writes in his book, "The Art and Science of Raja Yoga:"

"To understand how a living organism may have a magnetic field of its own, we have only to consider the fact that a magnetic field is created every time a current is passed through an electric wire. The nervous system, too, transmits scientifically measurable electrical impulses; in so doing, it sets up its magnetic field. Electricity is a relatively negligible aspect of this energy flow, an almost physical effect (gross enough for physical instruments to detect) of energies that are far subtler and stronger. Consider, for example, the enormous power that is achieved when atomic energy is released. The more clearly the energy flow in the nervous system can be perceived, or realized, on its actual, subtle level, the greater one's power to control his life and the physical world around him."

Magnetism indicates the degree of willpower and the quality of energy flowing through us. Paramhansa Yogananda, also known as the father of yoga in the West, said:

"The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy; the greater the flow of energy, the greater the magnetism."

Man's willpower is the switch! Yogananda defined willpower as desire plus energy directed toward fulfillment.

Increasing Your Magnetism

When our willpower becomes passive, energy begins to fall, resulting in moods, unhealthy thoughts, fatigue, boredom, resistance, and other negative patterns of expression. When our willpower is bound heavily by habit, it ceases to draw upon inspiration. This often leads to mental stagnation and an inability to recognize opportunities in difficult circumstances.

Here are some simple ways to increase your willpower and magnetism:

1. Say YES to life! Be positive, energetic, enthusiastic in your responses to people and circumstances. Don't allow your moods to dictate terms. Intentionally create a positive flow of thought followed by action.

2. Do something you have never done before; this increases one's willpower.

3. When performing actions from habit, avoid being absent-minded. Instead, do it with full attention and conscious intention.

4. Choose the company of positive people. Our environment is stronger than our willpower, especially when our mind is passive.

5. Never give up. Give the most challenging situation that one last try.

6. Lift your gaze and bring all your attention to the point between the eyebrows, centering your awareness at that spot. This is the seat of willpower in our body.

7. Analyze your mental diet. Good thoughts are nourishing food for the mind, and thoughts of any other nature are poisonous to the health of the body and mind. Your mental diet usually consists of the thoughts you are thinking and the thoughts you are receiving from close thought-contact with your friends. Peaceful thoughts and peaceful friends produce healthy, magnetic minds. Inner noise and worries produce a gloomy mind due to unwholesome company or unappreciative relatives.

8. Inhale and tense the whole body with a double breath, gradually increasing the tension for a count of 1-12 (or more depending on your capacity), then exhale with a double breath and release the tension. Do this a few times.

I suggest incorporating these methods into your daily life to increase your magnetism each day.

Try this meditation, Focus on Your Accomplishments, by meditation teacher Almeiri Santos.

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