Pickling 101

5 Sessions Course Healthy Eating
Pickling 101

About this Course

Pickles can change your life. Eating them can help optimize your gut health, and making them at home can become a meditative ritual that helps you express gratitude for the gifts of the soil. Expand your understanding of pickles (there’s a lot more than the kosher dill that rides alongside your sandwich) and let RoundGlass cooking teacher Peter Barrett usher you into the realm of kimchi and sauerkraut, where fermentation amplifies the nutritional benefits you need — and the flavor you crave. Pickling preserves food, but it also preserves tradition.

About the Teacher

Peter Barrett

Peter Barrett

I like to help people connect with their food in a deeper, more joyous, and more delicious way.
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5 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Fennel Tsukemono
    1. Fennel Tsukemono
    You’ll start with two ingredients: some salt and a bulb of fennel. Easy.
    5 min
  3. Hot-Brined Pickled Carrots
    2. Hot-Brined Pickled Carrots
    Want a healthy snack? Stuff carrots into a jar — and behold the sorcery of a hot brine.
    5 min
  4. Simple Sauerkraut
    3. Simple Sauerkraut
    Salt and time transform cabbage into a classic that’s basically a party for your microbiome.
    5 min
  5. Pickled Radishes
    4. Pickled Radishes
    Pickling transforms radishes into fat and crunchy treats.
    4 min
  6. Vegetarian Kimchi
    5. Vegetarian Kimchi
    Korea’s delicious gift to the world is good for you and easy to make.
    7 min