Everyday Indian Gravies

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Everyday Indian Gravies

About this Course

If all you know of Indian food is curry, let cookbook author and chef Sadaf Hussain show you the building blocks of this vast cuisine via five family-friendly dishes. These masala bases are a foundation for an array of dishes. Create versatile, nutritious staples with a variety of vegetables, along with plenty of protein from seeds and nuts. It's a course close to Sadaf's heart — and stomach.

About the Teacher

Sadaf Hussain

Sadaf Hussain

Sadaf Hussain is a food columnist, cookbook author, and chef who has been a MasterChef India finalist and a TedX speaker. As a travel enthusiast he loves to explore the intersection between cooking, culture, and food lore.
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6 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Kathal Bhuna Masala
    1. Kathal Bhuna Masala
    Jackfruit takes the place of meat in this gravy.
    9 min
  3. Mushroom Korma
    2. Mushroom Korma
    A nutritious gravy with mushrooms and yogurt.
    7 min
  4. Kundan Kaliya
    3. Kundan Kaliya
    A light dish vibrant with saffron and turmeric.
    6 min
  5. Mix Veg Coconut Stew
    4. Mix Veg Coconut Stew
    A flavorful dish that's gentle on the gut.
    7 min
  6. Lazzat E Taam Potli Masala
    5. Lazzat E Taam Potli Masala
    Two dozen herbs and spices combine in this masala.
    5 min
  7. Lazzat E Taam Ground Spice Mix
    6. Lazzat E Taam Ground Spice Mix
    A ground spice blend for easy storage and use.
    4 min