Cooking to Save Your Life

Juggernaut (2021)
Cooking to Save Your Life

Abhijit Banerjee, who won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2019, offers a breezy and playful cookbook with practical tips, dishes, and meal plans that are uncomplicated and worth a try even for the recalcitrant cook. Nothing is sacred, but every dish is celebratory. For Banerjee food and cooking are mindful activities at the subconscious level. Cooking for friends and family, and warm, cheeky stories around how food can connect with people, forms a big part of the book. The recipes in "Cooking to Save Your Life" have come to Banerjee from all over, wherever inspiration has struck. There are traditional Maharashtrian and Bengali dishes that are a nod to his regional roots. He includes French, Moroccan, and Italian recipes and food from elsewhere in the world. Think south Indian-style Brussels sprouts, Persian cold yogurt soup, nectarine chaat, zaalouk and more. Banerjee’s book shows how cooking, as a part of a busy life, can still be both inventive, mindful, and fun.

DIALOGUE | Q&A with Abhijit Banerjee

The Benefits

Read the Nobel laureate's cookbook to know:

  • The joy and wellbeing aspects of cooking
  • The mindfulness of eating in a focused manner
  • How good food offers enjoyment and nutrition for both the poor and rich