Ethan Cross on How To Silence the 'Chatter' in Your Mind

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We all have days where in the whirlwind of back-to-back meetings, looming deadlines, and the stormy clouds of doubt, we often find our minds concocting pessimistic thoughts — those pesky "What if I'm wrong?" or "This won't work" whispers. It's not just our inner voice, but rather a "chatter" or negative self-talk that shadows our decisions and steals the joy from the present moment.

In an enlightening chat world-renowned psychologist, Ethan Cross explained the profound impact of our self-conversations. Our inner voice, a tool that guides us through decisions and reflections, can turn into an unexpected adversary. This "chatter", is the ceaseless inner dialogue that amplifies doubts and derails focus.

Cross shared how we can wrestle back control from this chatter. Learn to reshape thoughts and behaviors, tweak interactions with others, and even modify how we engage with our surroundings. He suggests a few nifty tools like zooming out of problems, chatting with yourself as a friend, practicing mental time travel, and drawing strength from past experiences, to help silence the negative self-talk.

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