Six Ways to Set Up a Clean Workstation

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Learn how to keep your desk clean and organized by managing cables, optimizing storage, and creating segments for different tasks.
Six Ways to Set Up a Clean Workstation

If you were to copy-paste this title and look for inspiration through image results, you would find images of large monitors with a sound system and a table with plants or pen holders. However, there is no fixed template for the ideal workstation. Everyone has their own preferences. Some use laptops and require lesser space, while others need more space for big monitors or two screens. Some keep stationery handy, while others may not need it.

Do away with the ubiquitous pen holder or file tray if you don’t need it. There’s only one thumb rule on how to declutter your desk — make space for things you actually need.

Forced to work from home due to the pandemic, it’s essential to have a clean workstation to simulate the office experience. Here are a few tips on how to keep your desk clean and organized:

Manage cables

One of the biggest enemies of a clean workstation is wayward wires. Chargers, earphones, USB cables, router wires — sometimes you can’t even tell them apart. The first lesson on how to keep your desk clean and organized is managing the web of wires on your desk. If you work on a laptop, your charger doesn’t need to stay connected all the time. When not in use, unplug it, roll and bind it neatly and put it in your desk drawer. For other wires and cables, tie up the loose coils with Velcro bands and use wire hooks to keep them in place for a clean workstation.

Create segments

This is an important step to build long-term behavioral patterns around maintaining a clean workstation. Designate a function to each segment of your desk. One area can be for just using the laptop/computer while another can be fixed for paperwork. If you’re wondering how to declutter your desk, it’s good to build a habit of not cluttering in the first place. When you designate an area for a particular task, things will not be scattered all over the place. It will be easier to keep track of files, office supplies, and cables because everything will have a fixed place already.

Keep only what you need

While it is tempting to keep everything within reach so you don’t have to leave your desk frequently, that’s not how to keep your desk clean and organized. Prioritize what you need. This is one of the most important tips on how to have a tidy workstation. Not only does it keep your desk clean, but it also prompts you to stand up now and then, giving your eyes a much-needed break. In fact, you can make this a team-building activity by asking employees to share pictures of their workspace, so they can draw inspiration from each other.

Declutter your chair

The chair is as important as the desk since it’s where you spend half of your day. Hence, it’s important to ensure that while you look for ways on how to declutter your desk, you don’t ignore your office throne. Invest in ergonomic chairs for your employees at the workplace. It prevents long-term physical ailments which reduces absenteeism. However, when working from home, ensure that you declutter your chair along with your workstation. Don’t use it to dry that damp towel.

Optimize storage

One of the most popular tips on how to organize your desk at home or work is adding a desk caddy. It is a great way to declutter your desk and have a clean workstation as you can store a lot in it. From pens to sticky notes and pins, it accommodates a lot. However, if your job doesn’t require a lot of stationery, get rid of it and add something that you need. Perhaps a phone stand or a file tray? Or maybe you can have the caddy on top of a stack of sheets or files, thus occupying less space. Similarly, use your drawers judiciously to store the things you use the most.

Keep a microfiber cloth handy

Any guide on how to keep your desk clean and organized is incomplete without actual cleaning equipment. Something a simple microfiber cloth can be used as a covering and a cleaning cloth for your computer, laptop, phone, and keyboard. Keep a separate cloth for cleaning the desk and other equipment on your desk. Once you’re done with work, cover your screen and keyboard with the microfiber cloth to prevent dust particles from settling in the crevices. Spray-clean surfaces and screens to avoid any smudges and always have a clean workstation.

Whether you and your employees are working from home or office, these tips on how to keep your desk clean and organized are quite useful. A clean workstation reflects a clear mind and by cutting the clutter, one can work more efficiently.  

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