Dasra Philanthropy Forum: Bridging Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

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Dasra Philanthropy Forum: Bridging Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Dasra Philanthropy Forum in New York, where I shared my journey from entrepreneurship to philanthropy.

One of the most inspiring discussions we had was about the fusion of business acumen and an entrepreneurial mindset with a whole lot of heart. Alongside noted philanthropists such as Sunil Wadhwani and Sapphira Goradia, I shared how our mission at Roundglass Foundation is simple yet powerful — we strive to blend the transformative power of entrepreneurship with the genuine compassion of philanthropy, all aimed at creating sustainable solutions that genuinely make the world a better place.

My team at RoundGlass Foundation works day and night to ensure our initiatives providing mentorship, nurturing Wholistic Wellbeing to the youth at our Learn Labs, learning programs and at our sports academies, the staff at the women self-help groups, the changemakers who volunteer and are on the ground daily to help Punjab’s farming initiatives and plantation drives.

Roundglass Sports academies in Punjab are other shining example of giving back with a cause. We believe that nurturing exceptional sporting talent requires time, energy, and effort, and we are dedicated to witnessing the rise of the next sporting legends from the grassroots of India at the Roundglass Football, Hockey and Tennis academies.

The Roundglass Punjab Football Club set a dynamic example in Indian football as the first club to be promoted from Hero I-League to Indian Super League. This talented and driven squad is an inspiration for children in Punjab and across India. Roundglass Punjab Football Academy is nurturing eager young talent from the grassroots, training them with UEFA-certified coaches, technically qualified staff for nutritional, academic, and medical support.

At the Roundglass Hockey Academy in Punjab we have empowered over 1700 athletes and children in just two years. We have opened 16 development centres and 27 grassroots centres, resulting in bronze medals in national championships among other exciting milestones.

And it is not just Punjab where we are making a difference, through the incredible work of Roundglass Sustain we are inspiring a sense of wonder in India's natural world, showcasing the profound connection people share with nature. Through captivating films, stunning photography, evocative writing, infographics, and more. Roundglass Sustain is an encyclopaedic record of India's biodiversity. It is an ever-growing resource that highlights the importance of conservation and sustainability.

We also recently launched The Roundglass India Center at Seattle University which serves as a bridge between Seattle and India to promote dialogue, collaboration, and interdisciplinary scholarship.  

At Roundglass it is our commitment is to harmonize the dynamism of entrepreneurship with the warmth of philanthropy, working tirelessly to create sustainable solutions that genuinely change the world.

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