Weave Meditation Into Daily Living

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Sometimes being mindless can help us arrive at deeper mindfulness — and a deeper mind.
Weave Meditation Into Daily Living

One of the easiest ways to get started with meditation is to find something you already do meditatively. What does that mean? Think about some of the ways you get into "the zone" or into a flow.

Is it with sports or arts, where you get out of your way? What about doing something "mindless," such as cooking, driving, or gardening? What are the ways you naturally come to rest, such as when you're out in nature?

Identifying the Feeling

Sometimes as we disappear into the flow of running or painting, we find a wider life or self. Sometimes being mindless can help us arrive at deeper mindfulness — and a deeper mind.

What about when you feel gratitude or appreciation? Is that a different experience of yourself and life?

What does it feel like when you forget yourself in these ways? You may feel spacious, quiet, powerful, alive, heartful … there is no correct answer. It's important to uncover your own experience of being in touch with life beyond ideas.

Take that experiential quality with you into your meditation practice.

Transitioning into Meditation

As you settle into a meditation session, give yourself some minutes to remember what it's like to be in flow. Let yourself feel the quality of those moments of fun or quiet or fluidity. The moments when you have just woken up from a sound sleep. The moments when you were struck by something beautiful or kind.

How does the experience feel in your body as you remember? What is the texture of your mind? Get to know the sensations — is there softness or solidity? Then just let this atmosphere accompany you into your meditation practice.

Getting started with a meditation practice doesn't have to be complicated. Look for inspiration in your daily life, and I'm confident you'll find a jumping-off point for deepening your levels of mindfulness.

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Jaya was born in the US, and spent much of her adult life in India learning and cultivating art, Dharma, and meditation. She is a gentle revolutionary whose meditation teaching incorporates Buddhism, Christianity, yoga, Advaita (non-duality) and Hindu mysticism, along with ecology, embodied movement, and the Japanese art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Jaya started practicing meditation in 1985, when she also began her studies of religion and art at Harvard. An authorized Dharma teacher since 1998, she has taught over 250 meditation retreats to thousands of people. A pioneer, she teaches meditation through deep rest to contact life beyond ideas. In the 2000s, she founded the international nonprofit Open Dharma and co-founded the eco-hermitage of Dharmaloca to help people from dozens of countries discover and flourish on their own original paths. After offering Dharma “off the grid” at Dharmaloca for a decade, Jaya now teaches experiential Dharma primarily online—bringing alive ancient texts and modern poetry, traditional techniques and spontaneous insights.
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