Vitamin Water

Recipe 3 minPreparation Time 0 minCooking Time

Vitamin Water

3 minPreparation Time 0 min Cooking Time

About this Recipe

Hydration is key to good health. Water is essential for everything from the basics of nourishing your body to improving sleep, cognition, mood, and effective metabolism of nutrients. But not everyone is good at drinking water on a timer or chugging large bottlefuls every day. I see people drinking commercial vitamin water with the idea that it’s good for you. It’s not! I tell clients it’s better to have a sugar-filled dessert knowing that it’s not good for them, than buy products that they think are healthy but are actually full of hidden sugar, preservatives and “added” synthetic nutrients. Commercial vitamin waters can actually be harmful for people with existing health problems, like kidney issues. That’s where this homemade infused vitamin water comes in. Using kitchen scraps to infuse your water is a great, environmentally friendly alternative to buying bottled drinks, and the naturally sweet taste means that you’ll find yourself sipping on it all day. This recipe takes just minutes and is so easy to do as a morning ritual. While you’re cutting your fruit for breakfast, just throw the peels in to a jug and set it to steep for the next day. If you make it regularly, you’ll naturally find yourself developing the healthy habit of good hydration.

The Benefits

With lemon, pineapple and carrot peels, this recipe is infused with vitamin C for immunity support. Much of the vitamins and other nutrients of fruit reside in the peel, so we’re maximizing the benefit by using scraps. Water is usually pH neutral, whereas this infused water can be slightly alkaline; some people feel this helps with acidity and digestion. Most importantly, drinking water keeps you hydrated, which has proven benefits.


Makes 34 oz (1 L)
  • 34 oz (1 L) water
  • 1 juiced lemon or lime (peel and flesh saved after juicing)
  • 5 to 6 mint leaves, or mint stem after using leaves
  • 1 inch of ginger with peel (use the typically discarded ginger ends)
  • ¼ cup to ½ cup mixed pineapple and carrot peels, washed


  1. Step 1
    In a non-reactive glass or ceramic jug, add the water, the juiced lemon, mint, ginger, and the fruit and vegetable peels. Cover and let the mixture sit in a cool place in your kitchen for 12 to 24 hours. If you live in a hotter climate, you can also let it steep in the refrigerator.
  2. Step 2
    Using a fine mesh sieve, strain the infused water into a bottle. Discard or compost the scraps. Store your vitamin water in the fridge for up to two days.

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Substitutions: You can use almost any fruit or vegetable peel to suit the season and your mood. Instead of pineapple and carrot, try guava peel, mango seed, the hulled edges of strawberries, celery, and herbs such as basil or parsley. Every ingredient will add its own flavor and distinct nutrient profile. Keep in mind that harder peels work better, as softer peels break down too fast.