Spices for Gut Health

5 Sessions Course Healthy Eating
Spices for Gut Health

About this Course

The health of your microbiome can affect everything else in your life, from your skin to your moods to your susceptibility to illness. RoundGlass teacher Kanchan Koya, who has a Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School, wants to empower you with some basic tools for keeping your personal plumbing in good shape. Her secret weapon? Spices, which have the added benefit of making your home cooking delicious. 

photo by Signe Birck

About the Teacher

Kanchan Koya

Kanchan Koya

Author of the cookbook Spice Spice Baby, Kanchan Koya holds a PhD in biomedicine from Harvard and is also a holistic health coach. Her mission is to make everyone more comfortable cooking with spices, for both their health-giving properties and their ability to make your food sing with flavor.
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5 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Spiced Chia Pudding
    1. Spiced Chia Pudding
    A treat that’s full of fiber and healthy fats.
    5 min
  3. Cilantro Butter Bean Veggie Stew
    2. Cilantro Butter Bean Veggie Stew
    Beans, vegetables, herbs — what’s not to like?
    6 min
  4. Creamy Coconut Red Lentil Soup
    3. Creamy Coconut Red Lentil Soup
    Use bitter greens to battle inflammation.
    6 min
  5. Saag Paneer Minus the Paneer
    4. Saag Paneer Minus the Paneer
    Hoping to avoid dairy? Kanchan’s got you covered.
    7 min
  6. Turbocharged Golden Milk
    5. Turbocharged Golden Milk
    Kanchan’s spin on a classic elixir.
    4 min