Embracing Spices

5 Sessions Course Healthy Eating
Embracing Spices

About this Course

Spices make your food more delicious and interesting, but they do a lot more than that: they make it healthier, as well. In this course Kanchan Koya, who has a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Harvard Medical School, guides us through the wonders of coriander and sumac and cumin and turmeric, showing us how the act of cooking with these aromatic delights can fight inflammation, improve digestion, and bring us moments of sensory mindfulness in the kitchen. 

About the Teacher

Kanchan Koya

Kanchan Koya

Author of the cookbook Spice Spice Baby, Kanchan Koya holds a PhD in biomedicine from Harvard and is also a holistic health coach. Her mission is to make everyone more comfortable cooking with spices, for both their health-giving properties and their ability to make your food sing with flavor.
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5 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Eat the Rainbow Curry
    1. Eat the Rainbow Curry
    Cooking this curry, and cleaning out your crisper drawers to make it, is an accomplishment.
    6 min
  3. Baingan ka Bharta
    2. Baingan ka Bharta
    Listen to those mustard seeds pop. Breathe in the fragrance. Get ready to amplify eggplant.
    6 min
  4. Dal Tadka
    3. Dal Tadka
    Kanchan gives you step-by-step guidance on this comforting and nourishing classic.
    6 min
  5. Muttar Mushroom Masala
    4. Muttar Mushroom Masala
    We can't say you’ll live longer if you eat more mushrooms, but evidence suggests it can’t hurt.
    5 min
  6. Chickpea Flour Frittata
    5. Chickpea Flour Frittata
    It’s not an omelet, and it’s not a pancake, but it just might transform your mornings.
    6 min