Vegan Recipes to Enhance Your Yoga Life

Cico Books (2015)
Vegan Recipes to Enhance Your Yoga Life

According to certain spiritual traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, chakras or celestial wheels are energy points found in the body. Chakras can be maintained in a state of wellbeing with meditation, yoga, and food. Healer Sarah Wilkinson’s vegan cookbook explains how the right foods aligned to the seven chakras — lined from the base of the spine to the crown of the head — can contribute to our health. She recommends beginning by developing mindfulness and a habit of conscious eating, which includes planning, preparing, and eating with intent. To stimulate the chakras, include seasonal produce, whole foods, and healthy cooking practices. The chapters are divided into seasons and an index lists the fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, sea vegetables, nuts and seeds, grains and gluten free flours that are aligned to each season and invigorate specific chakras in our bodies. Recipes include salads, smoothies, mains, and desserts contributing to gut health, heart health, stress and inflammation alleviation, and the boosting of immunity. And maybe they will lead to gastronomic nirvana. 

The Benefits

Sarah Wilkinson’s book explains:

  • Chakras or energy wheels in our bodies which impact our wellbeing
  • Methods to develop conscious eating and mindfulness
  • Ways to include recipes in our diet in tandem with our body and mind