Vegan Africa

The Experiment (2022)
Vegan Africa

"Vegan Africa" is a delightful culinary journey, elegantly curated by Marie Kacouchia, an Ivory Coast native residing in Paris, that celebrates holistic vegan food. The book features plant-based recipes from over 15 African countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Morocco, and Senegal, that capture the authentic flavors of traditional dishes. Kacouchia celebrates the nourishing power of superfoods like cacao, chickpeas, garlic, ginger, and sweet potato, ensuring that each dish is not only delicious but also packed with vital nutrients. The book celebrates the rich cultural heritage of African cooking, highlighting the use of vibrant spices, herbs, grains, and vegetables. By breaking stereotypes of African food being stew-heavy, unhealthy, or fried, the 70 recipes of "Vegan Africa" include rice dishes, sauces, snacks, drinks, and desserts that showcase the versatility of the continent's culinary landscape.

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The Benefits

Read Vegan Africa to know:

  • The variety and versatility of vegan recipes across Africa
  • Traditional culinary approaches to nutrition
  • The use of hyperlocal herbs and spices for culinary wellbeing