Roli Books (2023)

Bombay-based doctors Ishrat Syed and Kalpana Swaminathan, are known as surgeons of words and unveilers of mystery novels. Their books under the pen name Kalpish Ratna bridge the chasm between science and society. Gastronama is a book that relooks at health and food in India in post-pandemic times and seamlessly merges Indian culinary habits with the imperative of health consciousness. In their inimitable conversational and chatty style, they break down food fads, diets, fasting, or trending ingredients that are beloved of the “wellness cognoscenti” in India. They offer nutritious recipes and ingredient choices and cooking tips tailored to address the pressing concerns of our time: diabetes, cholesterol, heart health, and overall nutrition. Rather than imitate the West, the good doctors prescribe Indians are better off following homegrown food wisdom. What truly sets Gastronama apart is its accessibility to the science of how the body works and how food impacts its healthy functioning. Ratna's writing style is both erudite and approachable, and the book empowers individuals to take charge of their health without compromising on the joys of gastronomy. 

The Benefits

Read this book to know how to:

  • Draw lessons from the pandemic about eating right
  • Put to use prescriptive cooking and eating to avoid “lifestyle diseases”
  • Cut through fads and diets and trends to eat healthy