The Gut

Rupa (2021)
The Gut

We’ve all had a gut feeling about how things will pan out, and often our instincts turn out to be right. Not without reason. Gut-feeling, in the wellness world, includes mental health and cognitive responses, immunity, and physical strength and vigor. Contemporary wisdom places high levels of responsibility on the small intestine, and Payal Kothari, one of India’s leading nutritionists, shows how to treat your gut well with exercise, meditation, and nourishing foods. Besides global ingredients and recipes, she includes Indian superfoods and ancient grains, acclaimed in Ayurveda and Indian herbal science. Kothari offers easy tips to maintain healthy habits, and simple, plant-based recipes made with everyday pantry ingredients to ensure that your gut feeling is a good one.

The Benefits

Pay attention to gut health to:

  • Boost gut health
  • Reduce stress
  • Absorb nutrients better