Eat to Beat Depression & Anxiety

HarperWave (2021)
Eat to Beat Depression & Anxiety

"Eat to Beat Depression & Anxiety" urges us to go beyond traditional modes of treatment like therapy and medication for mental health issues. Nutritional psychologist Dr. Drew Ramsey explains the role of dietary habits and nutrition as key diagnostic tools for people with mental health issues. The book lists how to incorporate brain-friendly ingredients and provides a guide to daily healthy dietary habits. Crucial nutrients like folate, iron, omega-3s, and other vitamins and their role in supporting brain health and the vital connection between nutrition and neuroplasticity are explained. Also, Dr. Ramsey recommends focusing on managing gut health and inflammation, avoiding processed foods, and resisting the promises of diet trends. This book empowers individuals to understand how dietary choices can affect brain health, making it an essential read for those seeking a holistic approach to mental health improvement.

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The Benefits

Read this book to:

  • Empower yourself to improve mental health with the right foods
  • Learn what foods to add to your diet and what to avoid
  • Get a six-week plan to optimize your brain health with the right recipes