Niyogi Books (2019)

Sometimes food is more than just food. While global health pundits engage in a tussle to list coconuts in the superfood category, Coconut focuses on interesting facts and anecdotes about the humble fruit of the coconut palm. Laurance traces the story of the furry coconut and its incredible links to human history and everyday lives around the world in the past 700 years. Besides being sacred in Hindu and Jain rituals and a healthy addition to dishes, coconuts impacted wars and industrialization, doubled as charcoal filters in gas masks used in the First World War, triggered naval mutinies, and found their way into cosmetics and medicines — not to mention the poetry of George Bernard Shaw, the novels of George Orwell, and the paintings of Frida Kahlo and Paul Gauguin. Here's to a nice and nutty read!  

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The Benefits

Coconuts are related to nutrition, cultural identity and history.

  • Coconuts have anti-bacterial properties
  • Coconuts add healthy fats to food
  • Coconuts are a gut-friendly ingredient.