Michelle Maldonado on the Need for Mindfulness in the Workplace

20-mins Podcast Meditation & Mindfulness

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Making mindfulness practices a part of your company's culture isn't just about preventing burnout and retaining talent; it can be a powerful catalyst for nurturing a workforce that thrives and creating a workplace where both individuals and the organization can flourish.

In this insightful episode of Living with Sunny with mindfulness and emotional intelligence coach, Michelle Maldonado we explore the relationship between mindfulness, our careers, and our businesses. In today's ever-changing workplace environment it's more important than ever to prioritize mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety. Maldonado says, "There is a myth of what mindfulness is. When we look at it in context of the workplace it involves being aware and paying attention to how your work space impacts your body and your own relationship with your work surroundings."

The addition of mindfulness practices in a company's activities and practices can help prevent burnout and talent loss, while also promoting a more positive and productive work environment. "Measuring the impact of mindfulness is like mesasuring impact of marketing. There is no one parameter. It is an aggregated thing. A mindful space promotes it creates psychological safety and trust. A mindful workplace makes people feel they belong and stay on in an organization," says Maldonado.

Incorporating mindfulness practices into the company culture isn't just a trend; it's a strategic investment in your team's wellbeing and your company's success. 

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