RG Spotlight: Prakriti Poddar

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Poddar’s decision to follow her purpose has led to an extensive career at Roundglass helping others actualize mental health.
RG Spotlight: Prakriti Poddar

Prakriti Poddar, global head of mental health and wellbeing at Roundglass, has been drawn to helping others since she was a toddler. Poddar was introduced to healing by her grandmother, who used to channel purifying energy to people in her community. “She was putting her hand on somebody and ushering divine healing vibrations,” Poddar says. “She would make me do the same thing.” 

This experience stuck with Poddar, who quickly realized she wanted to help people ease their suffering. So, in 1999, she decided to quit her first job after university and pursue a career in mental wellness. 

From starting her initial company, Mind Over Image Consulting (an organization that employs an array of therapy techniques to help people lead happier, healthier lives) to addressing up to 70,000 people on the importance of mental-health programs and resources for women and girls across India, Poddar has been a strong advocate for wholistic wellbeing: helping others understand that caring for your body, mind, and spirit can support you in navigating all areas of life.  

Check out some of Poddar’s editorial work to learn more about the connection between wholistic health and everyday living. 

Poddar’s Internal and External Contributions to Incentivizing Preventative Health Care

Foods That Reduce Menstrual Cramps: Make These Changes in Diet to Ease PMS

Poddar collaborates with gynecologists and dietitians to share which nutrients can help to ease menstrual pain. 

Living Joyfully with Wholistic Wellbeing

Here, the mental health and wellbeing head explores the differences between what it means to be happy and what we’ve been taught about how to experience bliss.

How Can Organizations Support Employee Wellbeing in a Post-Pandemic Era?

A look at mental-health concerns associated with an increase in working from home — plus, ways companies can transform their own approach to employee wellbeing.

How to Tackle COVID-19 Stress

Poddar’s initiative Wellbeing Volunteers United (WVU) provides free counseling services to people across India living with disability or struggling with mental or emotional health. Here, she shares how WVU works and why state governments should speak up when it comes to addressing mental health in India.

Communication: The Silent Scourge of Relationships

Why healthy communication is an important part of nurturing relationships — and how to practice it at home.

More than 1.5 Lakh People From Across the World Attended World Meditation Day Online Event Hosted by Roundglass Living

Learn more about Poddar’s role in hosting Roundglass Living’s annual World Meditation Day.

University Mental Health Policy Should Be Introduced in India

In this Q&A, Poddar breaks down gendered stereotypes related to mental health, and how children and adolescents can be better supported as they learn and grow.

Her Family Wanted Her to Be a Banker, but She Found Her Calling in Mental Health with Poddar Foundation

Poddar highlights the need for informed mental health practitioners in rural parts of India.

Roundglass Living App Launches Music for Wellbeing Channel

Poddar and Amrita Sen, a song writer and designer are introduced as the leads of Roundglass Living’s new Music for Wellbeing Channel.

National Tele Mental Health Program’ in Budget 2022–2023: What Does This Mean and How Will It Help Those Fighting Mental Illness

Wellbeing experts in India offer insights on how the country's National Telehealth program can support people coping with mental health problems. 

Until recently, Poddar's been hosting Roundglass' weekly fireside chats like this one, Relieving Stress in Our Kids. Check out her other discussions here

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Jerusha Kamoji

Jerusha Kamoji

Jerusha was an editorial assistant with Roundglass who brought in more than over six years of experience with digital and print publications. She grew up in Kenya and was introduced to traditional sitting meditation by her high-school football coach; the whole team would have a visualization practice before each game. During her last year of college in San Francisco, Jerusha interned at a Rome-based digital magazine where she wrote about sustainable development and systemic racism. Here she realized her passion; prioritizing sustainable development through incentivizing circular economies at a grass roots level. Jerusha believes wholistic wellness is a tool to achieve this goal. In order to take care of the planet we first have to learn how to take care of ourselves.
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Prakriti Poddar

Prakriti Poddar

Born in India, Prakriti Poddar was raised all over the world, moving from one country to another, from one boarding school to another. Amidst the environment changes, she remained fiercely connected to her own spirit. One constant in her life was visiting her grandmother, a prolific healer, and soothsayer who taught Prakriti faith healing before she learned how to read. While she took those lessons for granted for decades to come, she found her way back to her foundations when she began working in mental wellness in 2000. “I’m a firm believer in aligning your mind, body, and spirit as one,” she says. “Your being is more than a physical being — it is a divine being.” As the global head for mental health and wellbeing at RoundGlass, Prakriti is actively involved in creating an integrated platform for wholistic wellbeing. Constantly building communities, initiatives, and outreach for mental health awareness and support, she focuses on building peace and harmony to address mental and emotional health. She empowers people of all ages in a systematic way, addressing audiences on both private and public platforms about the mind and spirit, peace and wellbeing.
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