Sacred Indian Food

5 Sessions Course Healthy Eating, Learning & Wisdom, Rituals & Ceremonies
Sacred Indian Food

About this Course

Turn to the ancient wisdom infused in sacred Indian foods. Rakesh Raghunathan, chef, south Indian culinary historian, musician, and TV host, shares legends and folklores linked to dishes from various faiths, shows how recipes are sacred, seasonal offerings, and cooks with healthy nutritious ingredients that make these dishes doubly blessed.

About the Teacher

Rakesh Raghunathan

Rakesh Raghunathan

Rakesh Raghunathan is a popular South Indian food historian and TV show host. An abiding love for food and endless curiosity led him from a career in management to becoming a collector of South Indian recipes, food history, and culinary traditions, particularly temple and tribal foods.
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5 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Kanchipuram Idli
    1. Kanchipuram Idli
    A fermented rice and lentil savory cake.
    8 min
  3. Vegetarian Nombu Kanji
    2. Vegetarian Nombu Kanji
    Break the fast with this hydrating dish.
    4 min
  4. Venn Pongal
    3. Venn Pongal
    Fragrant cooked rice with split yellow mung dal.
    6 min
  5. Vattayappam
    4. Vattayappam
    A fermented cake made during Easter in Kerala.
    6 min
  6. Vegan Guthuk
    5. Vegan Guthuk
    Noodle and vegetable soup with a message inside.
    8 min