Fermenting in the Indian Kitchen

5-session Course Healthy Eating
Fermenting in the Indian Kitchen

About this course

When you start to see your food as active and non-active, living or dead, you’re entering the world of fermentation. Learn to enhance the flavor of your food and drinks, naturally preserve ingredients, minimize food waste, and strengthen the connection between your mind and gut — from an Indian perspective. Celebrate living, active foods with five recipes for a more robust microbiome.

About the teacher

Moina Oberoi

Moina Oberoi

Moina Oberoi is a chef and entrepreneur working with organic, sustainable, and Ayurvedic foods. She is the founder and MD of India’s first kefir manufacturing company, MO’s Superfoods.
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5 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Homemade Dahi & Yogurt
    1. Homemade Dahi & Yogurt
    It's easy to make Indian or Greek yogurt at home.
    6 mins
  3. Cultured Butter & Ghee
    2. Cultured Butter & Ghee
    Whip up probiotic butter, then turn it to ghee.
    7 mins
  4. Fermented Green Chutney
    3. Fermented Green Chutney
    A tangy mix of good bacteria & detoxifying herbs.
    5 mins
  5. Lacto-Fermented Onion Pickle
    4. Lacto-Fermented Onion Pickle
    Spice up your meals with this crunchy condiment.
    5 mins
  6. Candy Cane Beet & Carrot Kanji
    5. Candy Cane Beet & Carrot Kanji
    Gut-friendly, fiery & fermented in the winter sun.
    2 mins