Ayurveda Rasas

5 Sessions Course Healthy Eating
Ayurveda Rasas

About this Course

In Ayurveda, the elements — air, space, fire, water, and earth — combine to form three doshas: elemental types that shape a person’s health and wellbeing. Because the six rasas, or tastes, draw from the same elements, Ayurveda believes food is medicine, and ingredients can be used to restore or maintain balance between the doshas. Learn to cook according to Ayurvedic principles with Moina Oberoi.

About the Teacher

Moina Oberoi

Moina Oberoi

Moina Oberoi is a chef and entrepreneur working with organic, sustainable, and Ayurvedic foods. She is the founder and MD of India’s first kefir manufacturing company, MO’s Superfoods.
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5 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Sweet: Beet Millet Pulao
    1. Sweet: Beet Millet Pulao
    In Ayurveda, sweet doesn’t always mean dessert!
    4 min
  3. Astringent: Raw Banana & Black Chickpea Stew
    2. Astringent: Raw Banana & Black Chickpea Stew
    A wholesome, nutrient-dense vegan dish.
    6 min
  4. Bitter: Tambdi & Methi Bhaji
    3. Bitter: Tambdi & Methi Bhaji
    Bitter greens with crunchy coconut garnish.
    5 min
  5. Salty & Sour: Ginger Pickle
    4. Salty & Sour: Ginger Pickle
    Immunity-boosting, gut-friendly pickled ginger.
    5 min
  6. Pungent: Eggplant Satay
    5. Pungent: Eggplant Satay
    Ayurvedic cooking with international flavors.
    4 min