The Vegan Travel Handbook

Lonely Planet (2019)
The Vegan Travel Handbook

Dietary restrictions and vegetarian or vegan habits were once deal-breakers on the road. That’s no longer the case, with different food pathways widely acknowledged as a legitimate feature of travel. Lonely Planet’s The Vegan Travel Handbook breaks down how to research and plan budgets for vegan meals, and ensure vegan options while choosing accommodation. For those planning to cook or buy prepped meals while traveling, it lists markets to shop at, and healthy vegan food tips around the world. There’s information for every kind of vegan traveler: the adventure seeker, the culture seeker, or the wellness wanderer. All you need is a little “extra preparation, a flexible attitude and a sense of humor” – and this book as your dining companion.

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The Benefits

This guide enables you to:

  • Incorporate wholistic wellbeing into your travel itinerary
  • Seek vegan food around the world
  • Try local, seasonal vegan ingredients and specialities