The No Meat Athlete Cookbook

The Experiment Publishing (2017)
The No Meat Athlete Cookbook

In 2009 marathoner and ultrarunner Matt Frazier turned vegetarian and his blog, No Meat Athlete (the name of his first book as well), recorded his journey with a plant-based diet that supported his training. Soon Frazier turned vegan, and it helped him to be “stronger, faster, fitter, lighter.” The follow up book, The No Meat Athlete Cookbook written with health coach Stepfanie Romine offers ways to “achieve optimal health through plant-based nutrition.” Frazier prefers not to recommend diets or counting calories and suggests easing into a lifestyle with whole foods and avoiding processed foods. He also recommends oil-free options for some recipes to maintain the nutrient-density of foods and champions the Blue Zones diets. He lists big breakfasts (vegan edge waffles, breakfast tofu and blueberry scones), and dinner and hearty lunches (potato-stuffed portobellos, naked samosa burgers or a beet bourguignon), that help in recovery and offer fuel and options for before, during and after workouts (switchels, miso-maple broths). Take your pick from these inventive recipes listed to get your training on track.

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The Benefits

Read this book to know how plant-based recipes:

  • Serve as healthy choices for fitness enthusiasts and athletes
  • Aid in recovery and healing
  • Contribute to sports nutrition by building fitness and strength