The Immunity Diet

Rupa (2021)
The Immunity Diet

For Indian nutritionist and author Kavita Devgan, building and maintaining healthy immunity is a lifelong commitment — one that requires tapping into “mind energy” to battle stress. Devgan believes exercise, meditation, and the power of positivity provide surefire benefits for the immune system, as do “new age and kooky” techniques like going on a “sniffari” (using aromatherapy) to alleviate stress. This book, a helpful affirmation when you need guidance on your wellbeing journey, is full of advice on how to improve sleep, cultivate good dietary habits, and enact lifestyle changes. Devgan also gives practical tips for cooking mindfully, growing your own greens, breathing right, soothing your gut, and keeping inflammation down. Recipes like cold pumpkin salad, kidney beans bruschetta, and flaxseed churn (a yogurt smoothie with toasted flaxseed powder and fruits) are stress-free and easy to make with simple ingredients. 

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The Benefits

Learn how to boost immunity through:

  • Wholesome food choices
  • Yoga, exercise, and meditation
  • Simple, nourishing recipes