OTK: Extra Good Things

Ebury Press (2022)
OTK: Extra Good Things

What are the extra good things that can elevate, or as they say in this book, “Ottolenghify” your recipes? Think banana ketchup, harissa butter, pumpkin caramel, a pickle of pink mooli (radish), blue cheese dressing, curtido, Aleppo-salted cabbage, an Egyptian daqa, burnt lemon, smoky chipotle oil, a ful mudammas, a golden rasam, and lots more. The globally famous London-based chef and the famous team from OTK (Ottolenghi Test Kitchen) led by Noor Murad give us a chunky book of easy recipes to stock our pantries and liven up our food. The recipes touch on Ottolenghi’s familiar Middle Eastern and Mediterranean traditions and also include global influences and diverse ingredients to create infused oils, pestos, aromatics, marinades, dressings, sauces, condiments, and spice mixes that make mealtimes enjoyable, add that extra zing to your plate, and make the food as tasty as it is nutritious. Tangy, spicy, sweet, hot, and sour, Ottolenghi’s “extra good things” promise to make mealtimes flavorsome and lip-smacking.

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The Benefits

Read this book to know about:

  • Condiments and sauces, pickles, and dips that add nutrition to meals
  • Flavorings, marinades, and seasonings that uplift recipes
  • Diverse plant-based ingredients for inventive cooking