Clean Treats for Everyone

Fair Winds Press (2020)
Clean Treats for Everyone

"Clean Treats for Everyone" by health coach Laura Fuentes offers options to those who wish to eat nutritious treats without unhealthy processed sugars. With more than 80 recipes, the book is also the story of how Fuentes, mother to three growing children, decided to make treats “clean” via practical and inventive methods. She advises to plan smart and stock the pantry with nutritious ingredients like coconut and almond flour, steel-cut oats, and tapioca starch, along with matcha powder and spices like cinnamon and turmeric, plus natural sweeteners like dates, dried fruits, honey, and coconut sugar. The last she admits to choosing for containing “zinc and calcium, plus antioxidants and probiotics.” She uses fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains for making cookies, cakes, brownies, snack bars and energy balls. Appreciation for the treats comes from her hungry kids, a well-fed husband, grateful friends, neighbors, and approval from the family pediatrician. Smart book to work around a sweet problem.

DIALOGUE | Q&A with Laura Fuentes

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The Benefits

Read this book to:

  • Learn to make desserts and treats with healthy ingredients
  • Add vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts for nutritious desserts and snacks
  • Build a positive relationship towards food and treats