Planetary Wellbeing: In Conversation with Khalid Saif Al Suwaidi

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In Qatar, I found myself on a thrilling adventure when I visited Khalid Saif Al Suwaidi at his bee farm on the outskirts of Doha. With a passion for beekeeping and a successful honey business, Suwaidi is more than just an apiarist; he's also a believer in planetary wellbeing.

Suwaidi led me towards a buzzing hive, and as I held a wooden frame in my hands with hundreds of bees, it was an electrifying moment. I watched in awe at the intricate homes of these remarkable little superheroes who as pollinators, contribute to the reproduction of countless plant species, enabling the growth of plants that sustain both wildlife and human life. Suwaidi's enthusiasm for the tiny creatures that inhabit his farm was infectious. 

He shared how climate change poses a significant threat to bees and, consequently, to the delicate balance of our ecosystems. I couldn't help but feel inspired by Suwaidi's commitment to our planet's wellbeing.

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