Shamanic Healing: Seeking Solace in the Spiritual World

Photo Story Oct 13, 2022
Shamanic Healing: Seeking Solace in the Spiritual World
I got a chance to experience Shamanic healing in Ibiza. The ceremony made me feel lighter — in heart and spirit.

Many of us feel pain, trauma, hurt, guilt, and other difficult emotions that we can’t explain or trace back to their roots. Perhaps the causes are not from this life and neither are the answers; perhaps we need to seek them in a realm that’s beyond the physical world that is our reality.

Shamanic healing, an ancient healing modality and spiritual wellbeing practice, helps one explore the mysterious connection between the physical and spirit worlds — and find healing in the process. Its purported transformative powers have always intrigued me. In this practice, the shaman — a doctor, medium, mystic, and spiritual teacher all rolled into one — travels to otherworldly realms to connect with spirits, who guide and assist them in healing people, communities, and the planet. These spirits could be spirit guides or power animals.  

So, when I got a chance to experience Shamanic healing in Ibiza, I took it up. I walked into a quiet, white villa run by Holistic Serenity and was immediately taken by the calm, pleasant demeanour of their resident Shamanic healing practitioner James. James offers private Shamanic healing illumination and past life regression ceremonies. 

I was not sure what to expect. Would I have an otherworldly experience? Would I be asked to invoke spirits? James asked me to stay focused on the intention, and be open and honest to be able to receive the messages that come forth in the ceremony through James. I did just that. I could hear drums, smell smoke, and hear some chanting as I had a surreal experience.

No two ceremonies are the same, and you may experience a gamut of inward sensations and emotions. You can keep your eyes open or closed — I kept mine closed. You may feel emotional release, a rush of energy, a feeling of ”waking up”, etc. I felt a deep sense of love and calmness at the end of the ceremony. 

The ceremony helped shine a light into corners of me that I wasn’t aware of. I felt lighter — in heart and spirit — and happier as I left the villa, ready to let go of my triggers.



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