EOL Community Guidelines

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Community Guidelines

Be kind and purposeful when you engage. We are all here to explore a profound and sensitive part of life together.

Be inclusive. We are building a community where everyone feels welcomed regardless of skin color, gender, ethnicity, size, class or beliefs.

EOL is designed to be a safe place to ask questions, share vulnerable experiences and express the truth of who you are.

Be generous in interpretations. Assume that the people you are engaging with have pure intentions. Communicate accordingly.

Post to seek support, offer support, inspire, educate and connect.

Please do not:

Communicate in the form of an attack. No matter what. We have a zero tolerance policy for any aggressive conduct.


Our team will take action when we see someone engaging outside these guidelines. Action can mean we give a warning. Other times, dependent on the nature of the offense, it means revoking certain privileges or closing an account. We ask that community members report behavior that violates our guidelines to angel.grant@round.glass.


By engaging on the EOL community platform, you are agreeing to be in alignment with our guidelines.