The World Is Your Pantry

5 Sessions Course Healthy Eating
The World Is Your Pantry

About this Course

When it comes to how you eat, the tools of wellbeing are often right at your fingertips. Or they can be — with a bit of guidance from RoundGlass teacher Akhtar Nawab. Let Akhtar show you how to stock your pantry and your fridge with nourishing nibbles and dips so that you get into the habit of reaching for something homemade and healthful instead of something that’s processed and problematic. 

photo by Signe Birck

About the Teacher

Akhtar Nawab

Akhtar Nawab

Akhtar is an award-winning chef of Indian heritage who has embraced and mastered Mexican cuisine. He is the chef-owner of Otra Vez and Alta Calidad, and his approach to cooking is showcased in his debut cookbook, Good For You.
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5 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Nut & Fig Granola
    1. Nut & Fig Granola
    Akhtar’s version of a breakfast standby.
    5 min
  3. White Lentil Hummus
    2. White Lentil Hummus
    Grab the crudités and start dipping.
    4 min
  4. Seeded Crackers
    3. Seeded Crackers
    Because you don’t need to buy supermarket crackers.
    5 min
  5. Everyday Marinade
    4. Everyday Marinade
    Give vegetables a nice bath before you cook them.
    4 min
  6. Vegan XO Sauce
    5. Vegan XO Sauce
    Seaweed and shiitakes deliver the funk.
    5 min